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Omega 500ml Natura  
Omega 500ml Natura

from 34,50 EUR
incl. 10 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
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Amounts:  1 x 500ml Omega Nature 34,50 EUR
3 x 500ml Omega Nature 96,00 EUR
6 x 500ml Omega Nature 180,00 EUR

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Omega 500ml Natura

Ingredients: * perilla oil, linseed oil *, macadamia nut oil *, hemp oil *, black sesame oil *, evening primrose oil *, grape seed oil *, natural vitamin E (E306); (*= organic)

Natura has in the freezer or in ice cube tray from the fridge are kept-Omega and so can be stored for many months.

Recommended: 2 tablespoons a day, a morning and an evening.

The OMEGA NATURA contained essential, unsaturated fatty acids in the human body perform vital functions. You are responsible for the construction of cell envelopes, the structure of the brain, nerve conduction and tissue production of hormones called eicosanoids, which regulate body functions as a vital chemical messengers.

To eat healthy we need the essential nutrients, these are the substances that can make the body itself, but which are nevertheless essential. There are about 50 of them and two of which are essential fatty acids, linoleicalso called omega 3 and linoleic acid, Omega 6th
These two fatty acids play a major role among others.

Essential fatty acids protect against free radicals, fungus infections and also slow the growth of tumors. The skin is soft and supple. Skin diseases and to prevent the departure of toxins easier.

a. Essential fatty acids increase the speed of metabolism and energy level. This means that more calories are burned.

b. The bound from the tissue, excess water can be excreted through the kidneys due to the essential fatty acids. This makes many people much of the excess weight.

c. When the body gets the missing fatty acids more quickly sets up a feeling of fullness. Cravings omitted.

Essential fatty acids increase the performance and endurance capacity significantly.

d. A further reason for food cravings and depression are different Suchtverlangen or impaired thyroid gland. Also in essential fatty acids act contrary to defuse andtheir food demand.

In children, it was observed that the use of "OMEGA - NATURA" including a significant improvement in hyperactivity and concentration problems caused by!

"OMEGA - NATURA is" also great for Ölziehen. It cleans and dispersing, it can and also fat-soluble toxins from the mouth and throat take water.

The success we are right - you too can make this day an "oil change for your body" so that their "inner engine" and powerful running back around! Our skin also benefits from OMEGA NATURA, it becomes soft and pliable, facilitating the elimination of toxins.

Even pets can be helped by "OMEGA - NATURA". In horses, especially for race horses, could be demonstrated a significant performance improvement and a very beautiful and shiny coat.

Omega-Natura is not suitable for cooking. It may only be added to cold dishes such as salads, cereals etc.

Omega-Natura is an organic product with organic seal.

€ 6, - in Austria
€ 12, - within the EU

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