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Hotel Margarethenbad
Lainach 26
9833 Rangersdorf

Telephone: +43 4822 380
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Raised Bed X-wave Timberra  
Raised Bed X-wave Timberra

from 1.975,00 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
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Versions:  Breite 152,5 - 76 - 152,5 cm Höhe 80 cm 1.975,00 EUR

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Raised Bed X-wave Timberra: The most beautiful form of our extensive standard raised bed. Similar to the "planted compost heap" are generated here very good yields. Layer by layer filled with a variety of materials offers the raised bed next to the good recovery of garden waste even a user-friendly height in the management

Included: high raised bed with a wall thickness of 56mm made ​​of wintergeschlägerten Biolärchenholz, which can be assembled without tools close by our patented x-system, and has comparable with any other raised bed stability.

Further included in:

+ Vezinktes grid to repel unwanted rodents from the ground
+ Most Stylish stainless steel cover on the pillars
+ BONUS: Pay for 1 night for 1 person in a **** hotel

Variation in plant diversity: A raised bed has many advantages. With proper filling of the many nutrients, and not to forget the many heat zones, which provide for additional growth. To create a raised bed, best suited to the fall or the spring. The optimal size of the plant raised beds ranges between 60 and 80 cm and a width of not more than 130 cm. The enormous earnings in the raised bed rests - similar to the compost pile - at the various humus layers and the heat generated thereby.

X system: Through our patented "X system" No tools required for assembly. However, in order to have long-term enjoyment of your raised bed, it is essential to make them correctly.

Protection: For standing moisture is the only thing that hurt wood. Therefore, we recommend to dig the soil about 20cm deep, and set up the bed on a Steinrollierung. In order to prevent moisture and the stationary direct contact with the material verottendem. Do not forget to below the raised beds of an appropriate guard (included) from unwanted rodents. We work with this system with constructive wood protection. Which means that the links are vertical in our system, which lets the water run off at any time without hindrance, and the wood dries out again in no time. This ensures that no water is formed, and we raise a natural way, without chemical auxiliary agent, the life of our products for years, so long as they are a piece of jewelry in her garden.

Bioholz - the building material for more feeling: A Larch Hazzard. She is making forest, meaning they usually appears together with spruce and pine at the upper tree line. Since it is extremely light-hungry, it thrives only in appropriately maintained, sunlit woods. The European larch flourishes in Mölltal mainly in altitudes of 1200 to 1600 meters, but is now cultivated in Central Europe in Talzonen. The trees can grow up to 54 meters high, reach a diameter of up to 160 centimeters and weigh up to 600 years old. As the only conifer larch sheds its needles in the winter and driving in the fresh spring green tufts of needles.

€ 69, - in Austria
€ 149, - in EU

Raised Bed X-wave Timberra

Raised Bed X-wave Timberra

Raised Bed X-wave Timberra

Raised Bed X-wave Timberra

Raised Bed X-wave Timberra
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