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Timberra EasyRoll  
Timberra EasyRoll

199,90 EUR
incl. 20 % Tax excl. Shipping costs
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TIMBERRA ® Easy Roll is the model for the small budget and thus raised bed for beginners optimal. The installation is quite simple: Unpack, roll up, into the desired shape (round or oval), belts tighten and lock, finished The oval shape is obtained by four rails..

Variation in plant diversity: A raised bed has many advantages. When properly filling the many nutrients, and not to forget the many heat zones, which provide for additional growth. To create a raised bed, are best suited to the autumn or spring. The enormous income in the raised bed rests - similar to the compost pile - at the various humus layers and the heat generated thereby.

System: There is not a tool for the assembly required.

TIMBERRA ® Easy Roller is also ideal as a composter. In this variant it is supplied with ventilation slots.

Due to the simple removal of the valuable compost can be exposed - laborious blades is no longer necessary.

set up with 125 cm diameter
Oval positioned 150 cm long and 82 cm wide

Wood Thickness: 2 cm, planting area: 1,2 m², Befüllungsgut: ca 0.9 or 0.7 m³

Includes: 4 aluminum rails (installation Oval)

Packaging: Transport packaging Kart on / jute bag

Protection: For standing moisture is the only thing that hurt wood. Therefore, we recommend the ground about 10cm dig deep, and set up the bed on a Steinrollierung. To avoid standing moisture and direct contact with the verottendem material. Do not forget to affix below the raised beds of an appropriate guard from unwanted rodents. We work with this system with constructive wood protection. Which means that the links are vertical in our system, which can run off the water at any time without hindrance, and the wood dries out again in no time. Thus it is ensured that no water is formed, and we raise a natural way, without chemical auxiliary agent, the service life of our products for years, so they are long a piece of jewelry in her garden.

€ 9,90 in Austria
29,90 € in Germany

Timberra EasyRoll

Timberra EasyRoll

Timberra EasyRoll
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